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ELIJAH Childrens Photography Columbus


Childrens Photography Columbus, Oh

Elijah walked into my studio and his face lit up instantly. He RAN to the stage where i take photos and yelled “PRETTY” at the top of his adorable little lungs. He saw the bright pink, lime and blue  polka dots and balloons and couldn’t wait to get up there and take his photos. His Mom, Victoria, clapped her hands in delight and said “Love it!”

She messaged me on Facebook – describing me the colors and wants for Elijah’s second birthday photos. She wanted bright vivid colors, and kittens.  Well those two requests are basically my specialty.
Victoria and her family and friends have had a very interesting and stressful last six months. Victoria is the founder of  “Speak for the Unspoken” – a rescue for special needs dogs in Columbus Ohio. I met Victoria when photographing dogs for the rescue last summer. I also met her life changing dog Leya when helping to fulfill one of her Live Like Leya bucket list items by having Studio Portraits done.

Elijah loves kittens, much to his dog loving Moms chagrin. She knew she wanted kittens in his photos and when you are a rockstar in the rescue community- you have many connections. When Victoria calls for kittens, she gets kittens. Shortly after Victoria and Elijah arrived, Katy, a volunteer from Colony Cats (a cat rescue in columbus) joined us with a handful of fluffy kittens for Elijah to have as part of his photos.

Elijah Birthday

Elijah Birthday


Elijah Birthday

Elijah Birthday

Elijah Birthday

Elijah Birthday

Elijah Birthday

Elijah Birthday

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