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Pam + Thurmans + Family Photos + Goodale Park + Columbus Ohio

Pam and Thurmans Fall Family Photos
Goodale Park, Columbus Ohio

Its always special when you get to photograph your family. Recently, one of my husbands Aunts contacted me about having family photos done for thier 50th Anniversary present. She wanted new photos of the grand-kids, and family photos of everyone. We decided on to do them in November. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. It was in the 60’s and the leaves were still on the trees.

Columbus Family Photographer ptg-goodalepark-columbus-familyphoto-161106-001-26 ptg-goodalepark-columbus-familyphoto-161106-001-27 ptg-goodalepark-columbus-familyphoto-161106-001-28 ptg-goodalepark-columbus-familyphoto-161106-001-36 ptg-goodalepark-columbus-familyphoto-161106-001-24 ptg-goodalepark-columbus-familyphoto-161106-001-25 ptg-goodalepark-columbus-familyphoto-161106-001-29 ptg-goodalepark-columbus-familyphoto-161106-001-20 ptg-goodalepark-columbus-familyphoto-161106-001-19 ptg-goodalepark-columbus-familyphoto-161106-001-23 ptg-goodalepark-columbus-familyphoto-161106-001-22 ptg-goodalepark-columbus-familyphoto-161106-001-31 ptg-goodalepark-columbus-familyphoto-161106-001-32 ptg-goodalepark-columbus-familyphoto-161106-001-33 ptg-goodalepark-columbus-familyphoto-161106-001-34 ptg-goodalepark-columbus-familyphoto-161106-001-35 



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