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Giving Back- Rescue Photography

Why do I rescue?

I have always had rescue animals. I grew up with dogs that we saved from certain situations that were not safe or were not in the best housing conditions.

When I was 19, my first dog made her appearance to me as a 6-week old beagle puppy running down the street at 3am in downtown Dayton. I tried to find her owners or mom of her litter, but ultimately Mazey lived with me to the ripe old age of 15.

At 21, I adopted Lola. Lola as this fat round almost all black with floppy ears. The moment I met her, I knew she was my dog. She came home with me and Mazey. She was my dog-soulmate. She grew into this faithful dog, who did whatever I wanted happily. She was dramatic though. She hated car rides, which as an auto enthusiast, who loves road trips, was the bane. She would barf, and cry and whine… and eventually, cave into calmness.

She was brave though. She was happy. She wasn’t always the brightest. She lived to the very old age of 17. My life was forever changed by her.

Mazey and Lola made my life better. They were with me through thick and thin, and caused chaos and love. They were my rescues that started it all.

When Mazey passed away, Lola was very sad. They had been together since her whole life, and I knew I would want another dog. Fostering wasn’t in the plans for us, but I knew working with a rescue would be the best way for me to find our next dog, and thus began my next path as a photographer.

I have been working with PetPromise  since 2013. I have photographed cats and dogs with them, as well as eventually fostering a couple of dogs.

How can I help your rescue?

My goal is to work with 501(3)c organizations who are fostering dogs in the Central Ohio area. My studio is in Franklinton, Ohio. I offer group sessions for multiple foster pets in a single day or one on one sessions with advanced scheduling.

Rescues should contact me directly, to discuss the needs that will benefit the animals in their rescue.

All Animals that enter my studio must be vaccinated, and be on flea and tick prevention.

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Address: 400 West Rich Street, Columbus Ohio
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