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Let the Chase begin!

Let the Chase begin! The birth of a new photographer. 

Barbara Perenic (Columbus Dispatch) and David Jablonski (Dayton Daily News) are photojournalists. When they found out they were becoming parents, Barbara realized that even she wasn’t immune to her desire to be reported on.  She has seen the nitty gritty in life, as well as the life-affirming stories out there in the world. She knew that she wanted her little one to be documented on his journey into life as well.

Barbara is a long time friend, asked if I would be a part of this journey.  I felt so honored that she trusted me to be a part of such an intimate event. 

Chase came into this world slowly and methodically, almost 32 hours of labor for his anxious mom and dad. Barbara, being a triathlete was no stranger to going the distance, but even this was something that came as a surprise to her. She knew he would be worth it though. With David by her side, and helping during the labor process. At one point, David took hold of a sheet at one end and tugged on it while Barbara tugged at the other end. 

After many exhausting pushes, Chase clearly needed some coaxing, so the OB came in to have a conversation with him, in utero. She said all the right words, for in the wee early morning Chase made his first appearance.

David cried
Barb cried.
I cried. 



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