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Oakwood, Oh | Honoring Holly | Smith Gardens

This summer, Jade and her Friends lost their dear friend, Holly, to cancer. They decided to meet up and honor her memory at the Smith Gardens in Oakwood. This was a touching place to be as it was also one of the last places I spent time with my own Grandmother before her passing.

Jade and I discussed how she would honor Holly and we decided on each of them holding a favorite image of Her. Jade gathered images of Holly, only to surprise them all with a framed print at our photoshoot. They all cried and shared some of their favorite memories. It was a truly beautiful evening, special to all of them. Fortunately Jade thought ahead and provided tissues for everyone.

What do we do with our hands?
“What do we do with our hands?” -Them, “Jade will show you!” – Me



Jade has a gift for them all
Jade has a gift for them all

2015-09-19_0012.jpg 2015-09-19_0017.jpg

Oh Jade.. What did you do??
Oh Jade.. What did you do??












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  1. God’s gift to everyone of these beautiful ladies is the gift of love and friendship. Their love for their beautiful friend Holly brought them together to experience God’s love for them. Holly’s joy will continue to shine through all her beloved friends. God bless each and everyone of you. So very touching. My heart is with you.

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