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Scavenger hunt turned proposal

Scavenger hunt turned  proposal!

Chris and Brandi didn’t get to spend Christmas together as they both traveled to see their families. When they both came home, Chris set up a Christmas scavenger hunt for Brandi. Little did she know, he had the best treasure at the end! He kept throwing me off by saying things like “I hope the clue is still there” or “this one was really hard to hide”.

Chris got her a french press with a note inside reading “Christmas Scavenger Hunt! First clue is in the christmas tree”. In the Tree was ten clues related to their likes, and experiences together. The final clue led to “the best view in the city”; they both agreed it was the view of the City from COSI overlooking the Olentangy river and Downtown Columbus.

When they arrived at the river’s edge, Chris quickly dropped to one knee and held Brandi’s hand as he asked her for her hand in marriage. Brandi, in tears, said yes and hugged him tightly.






Columbus proposal

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