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What to wear guide -professional headshots

What to wear Guide

Professional Headshot

General Rules & Advice

Feeling great about what you are wearing and feeling comfortable are important.  Think about what you would wear to an interview. More than likely, the same outfit would be ideal for your headshots. Make sure your clothes are pressed and clean.
Classic Headshot

What to Wear- Men

For men, the standard business look is a suit jacket, dress shirt and tie; Casual business attire can be a jacket and dress shirt, shirt and tie, or a dress shirt alone. Polo shirt look good as well for some business, but make sure it fits well and is in good condition.  For no jacket looks, wear colored shirts that are darker than your skin tone.  Avoid White dress shirts, unless wearing it under  a jacket or sweater. Dark pants are appropriate as well.


Solid colors tend to be best. Patterns and busy prints can distract from the most important feature- You! Big buttons, zippers, or other features can be distracting as well. Simple is best. Wear dark jeans or dark pants, on the off chance we do a full body shot.

Enhancing Colors

Choose clothes that complement your skin tone and eye color. No solid white shirts if you’re Caucasian or light-skinned. And bright red usually doesn’t work for anybody. It’s just too strong a color.

Fair skin and blue eyes? Try blues, pinks and grays. Are you light skinned and blue eyes? Try cool pastels, such as blues, pinks and neutrals like grays, matte gold or silver. Green eyes? Try browns, greens and oranges.
Are you darker skinned or have brown/black eyes?  You are one of the lucky few who can get away with most colors, but I would suggest avoiding close that closely match your skin tones..

Colors that work for everyone are jewel tones, I’m a fan of rich colors.

Beiges, and Creams- Skin tones tend to get lost in these colors
Bright colors such as a Red, and Orange and Yellows are distracting, probably should be avoided.
Stark Black and Whites- They create havoc for the camera and the back drops- Try substituting with richer neutrals like browns, navy or dark greens.
Starting to see why jewel tones are my favorite yet?Jewel tones

Necklines and Jewelry

Clean classic V-necks are very flattering on most women. A scoop neck is also very pretty too.  Opt for tops with long sleeves if not wearing a jacket. Make sure your tops are pressed/ironed. Avoid turtlenecks, they tend to crowd the face.
Jewelry should be simple and understated. We don’t want to date you by your jewelry. We want to look at you, not your accessories. Remember the KISS principle.


Makeup should be clean and neutral. Frosts and bright colors will date your image. Bring translucent face powder with you to apply to help keep shine down. Some lipstick tips- Line your lips before applying your matte lipstick, then reline it. Dip a cotton swab in powder and run it along the lipline to prevent lipstick bleed. Avoid colored nail polish; Clear or neutral or none at all works best.

If you are going to get your hair cut for the photos, try to get it done early in the week to allow you to practice with the style.  Guys let it grow a day or two to soften the look and don’t forget to shave or trim up your facial hair.

Mens Business Headshot


Relax! Don’t worry, I have your back, were gonna have a good time and its going to be super easy.

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